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For our Veteran Widows....thank you for your Service

According to a 2005 report by Knight Ridder Newspapers, nearly two million veterans or their widows are missing out on billions of dollars in pensions and other benefits, simply because they don't know the aid is available. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a range of assistance to veterans and widows who apply.  Because it may be difficult and time consuming (also known as 'on terminal hold' when contacting the VA, we highly recommend you contact your local Veteran Service Officer.  You can find more contact information on your States Department of Veteran Affairs website.  Department of Veterans Affairs is an entity that works under the Governor of your State.  They are not the Veterans Administration.

Here are some of the things you need to find out for yourself, after loosing your Veteran.

1) Was your Veteran paying into a life insurance plan through DFAS.

2) Were you or your children listed as the Beneficiary or Annuitant through Defense Finance & Accounting (DFAS).  Veterans would be retired from military where this applies.

3) Was your Veteran receiving benefits/disability payments from the VA


  • Benefit eligibility depends on the veteran's service record. A dishonorable discharge may disqualify veterans and widows from some benefits. Widows are eligible for most survivor benefits if they remain unmarried or remarry after the age of 57.

Health Care

  • CHAMPVA is a civilian health care program offered by the VA while the TRICARE health plan is sponsored by the Department of Defense. Many veterans' survivors are eligible for low-cost medical services under these plans.

Monetary Assistance

  • Eligible widows may be entitled to monetary compensation under the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) plan or a Death Gratuity Payment if their spouse died due to a service-related cause. Additionally, widows may be eligible for the Survivors Death Pension if the veteran served during wartime. Compensation may be based on current income.

Other Benefits

  • Federal and state veteran departments also offer counseling, housing allowances, education reimbursement, employment help and home loan assistance to qualifying widows of veterans.

Getting Help

  • To apply for assistance, contact Linda McConnaughy @ 360-577-6757

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